We are a multidisciplinary design studio that combines product design, manufacture and trade as well as traditional craftsmanship. We have set ourselves the goal of counteracting the fast-moving consumer society through innovative and at the same time original as well as environmentally conscious design. We combine modern room concepts and lifestyles with time-tested ecological materials and traditional processing techniques that last for generations.

ROHDESIGN is at the same time innovative and original, aesthetic, usable, understandable, sustainable, unobtrusive, honest, durable, consequent to the smallest detail and environment-friendly. ROHDESIGN is as little design as possible.

Design studio.

With an interdisciplinary and collaborative design approach, we communicate our philosophy holistically. Furniture design, holistic interior design and cooperations with external designers and companies, as well as product design and the development of our own brand Niroh are at the centre of our work.



The cooperation with selected trade partners and local craftsmen enables us to create a holistic interior design - so we can work from our own products into the entire space. In the selection of our trade partners, we attach great importance to special features and individuality in product design, as well as fair and environmentally friendly production conditions. All our partners' products are available through us!


"Transparency for customers and partners. In harmony with the environment and nature. Fair and respectful.“


When manufacturing products, we make use of a wide range of crafts and work closely with local artisans. In our manufactory, we specialise in prototype development and surface finishing - products from our own brand Niroh, products from cooperations and custom-made products for customers are produced. With a focus on natural untreated materials, simple geometries and uncompromising quality, the imaginative is combined with the practical, resulting in a uniquely warm and honest aesthetic. Each product is individually crafted and finished with love and care - making it unique in its own way. 

Services of our manufactory:
Costum-made products, surface finishing, prototype development and manufacturing of our own brand furniture.